Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Spreadable Whipped Butter and Honey Butter

I found this recipe yesterday and thought...ooooooh, that would be a great way to stretch the butter!  It would also be nice to have a spreadable butter without paying the exorbitant prices!  I quartered the recipe just to be sure we'd like it first!

Here's what you need:
1/4# Butter (one stick), room temp
1/4C Vegetable Oil (any oil that has no taste)
1/4C Water
1T Honey (when making the honey butter)
Optional: A pinch of Salt if you used unsalted butter

Plop your softened butter in a bowl.
Whip it up for a second
With mixer on medium, slowly add oil.
Turn mixer to low and add in water
When water is incorporated, you can turn it up to high and 
whip it for a minute or two to make it nice and fluffy.
Because I knew my family would eat a lot more regular butter 
than honey butter, I took 2/3 of this and put in a container.
I placed a lid on it and threw it in the fridge to set.
On to the honey butter.  Take the remainder of your whipped
butter and add one Tablespoon of honey to it.  You may or may
not be able to tell that the below spoon is a teaspoon.  I decided
to start with a teaspoon and keep adding until I liked it.  That
ended up being a tablespoon.  Your tastes may differ. 
Give it a good whip with the mixer
And place in a container, add a lid and put in the fridge.
I couldn't wait to try this, so while it was still gooey, I hurried up and 
heated a roll in the toaster oven and spread it on.  It was yummmmmmmy!
Then the next morning, I had some homemade waffles and thought...
I wonder if it's really spreadable today!  It was!  Even though
it might not look like it in this pic.  The waffle had cooled a bit
by the time I got everything out and took the picture.
I really like this spread!  It tastes just like butter.  You'd never know there was something else in there.

It's so much more easily spreadable than the store-bought 'spreadable butter'.  

I like that I took a stick of butter and essentially stretched it to a scant cup and a half!!!  That's amazing!
A regular stick of butter is a half cup. I somehow got 3 times that out of this!  I guess I assumed the water and oil wouldn't really make up for that volume. The whipping helped, too, I'm sure.

Lately, butter has been pricey.  I used to be able to get it for 1.99 on a regular basis.  You could always make your own, but with the price of cream, it's not worth it.  I've been paying $2.69 per pound, which equals 67c per quarter.  By adding 8 cents worth of vegetable oil, I've stretched one stick to three and the cost is now .75 cents, or a quarter a stick!  That's like getting three sticks for the price of one!  Of course, I realize I cannot use this for baking and accurately measure that way, but it's great for every day use!

I've also found that I don't seem to use as much butter this way.  I think sometimes when I get the butter off of a cold stick, I tend to put more on, hoping it'll melt and I'll be able to spread it easier.  Or maybe that's just me.

I saw someone online talking about even being able to keep this out at room temp once set.  That's really interesting.  Since I can easily spread it from the fridge, I'm not sure if I'll do that, but it's good to know.

Make your butter go farther and save some money!  Try it for yourself and let me know what you think.

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  1. Great tip! The honey butter would be good with a nice hot biscuit,,,,yumm!